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6 ideas to rake in the profits from owning a ranch

The sprawling landscapes of northwestern Colorado present plenty of lucrative earning opportunities through ranch land ownership. If you’re new to this line of investing, you might be surprised with the variety of options you can use to turn a profit. Here are ideas to consider:

Raise livestock

Cattle farming is a productive way to use your ranch land. Beef and dairy products are a reliable source of income, especially when you know what you’re doing.

You can capitalize on the rewards of a niche market by raising goats, too. Goats are low-maintenance, more disease-resistant than cattle, and offer versatile income-generating potential.

For example, goat milk and cheese are considered ideal alternatives or complements to dairy products, providing additional benefits for digestive health. These products tend to sell for more than what cow’s milk fetches at the

You can also rent out goats to environmentally conscious homeowners near your property looking for ways to maintain their lawns. Their voracious grazing habits are an effective alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers. Even goat manure can turn you a profit when sold as an all-natural fertilizer.

Grow fruits and vegetables

Like meat and milk, you won’t run out of demand for fresh produce. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can result in a healthy and cost-effective source of your own food supply. But don’t discount its potential as an income-generating activity.

Selling at your local farmer’s market is a great way to get to know your community better while also building a good reputation in your community. You can also sell to restaurants in your area that value locally-sourced ingredients.

Offer horse-riding tours and lessons

The selection of ranches for sale in Colorado includes a wide range of equestrian properties. Open up your horse ranch to visitors for guided tours and lessons is a rewarding way to maximize its earning potential.

Start a horse boarding business

Many people can afford to own horses, but not the space to house and take care of them. Boarding horses is an excellent way to provide that service to these types of equestrian enthusiasts while also utilizing your ranch.

How much work you want to put into this venture is up to you. You can start small and focus on facilities and stables for rent. If you have the resources, you can offer a full suite of boarding and animal care services.

Accommodate tourists

Fashion a tourist-friendly attraction out of your ranch and earn income from individuals, families, or groups looking for a brief getaway. A little-used barn on the property can serve as a picture-perfect bunkhouse for overnight stays with some thoughtful renovations.

Incorporate some ideas discussed above to round out a complete farm or ranch experience. Let guests pick fresh produce from your farm, learn how to herd cattle and care for horses, or simply enjoy a few hours of horseback riding.

You can also use this strategy to partner with community organizations for projects aimed to boost local tourism. Present your ranch as a venue to host seasonal or holiday-based events and festivals.

Lease unused parts of the property

If you own a large parcel of land, chances are there are portions of the property that are just lying idle. You can make these plots of land earn more money by offering them to city-based investors who are interested in running their own farm, raise livestock, or grow a garden.

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