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Buying the Perfect Home for Pets and Their Humans

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According to Colorado Mortgage Planner, 81% of American buyers and renters say that pet ownership plays a huge role in their housing situation. 19% said that they would consider moving for their pets’ sake, while 12% have done so.

Needless to say, many buyers are dedicated pet owners. If you count yourself among them, these tips will help you find a pet-friendly environment for your fur children.

Pet-friendly policies and state laws

Colorado towns are generally pet-friendly, allowing pet owners to take their four-legged friends out in public as long as they’re kept on a leash. You’re also bound to find a bar or restaurant that allows pets in the patio.

When working with real estate companies in Colorado,inquire about pet-friendly towns and cities. Scrutinize local laws and policies to determine if you’ll be allowed to bring your pet with you. Some condo buildings, for example, only allow small domestic animals, while others ban specific breeds.

Under Colorado law, a domestic animal refers to an animal that has been bred to undergo significant genetic changes that affect temperament, appearance, conformation, and other attributes that make them distinguishable from wild animals.

The state currently lists 33 animals as domestic. Check section 1103 of this document to view the full list.

If you’re moving from another state, keep in mind that Colorado law forbids the ownership of exotic species such as:

  • Monkeys and primates in general
  • Exotic pigs
  • Certain frog breeds

These species are prohibited for various reasons, including the spread of disease, possible aggression, and damaging effects on native wildlife and habitats.

Colorado cities like Denver and Aurora also place restrictions on breed, particularly fighting breeds like pitbulls.

But if you’re moving to Steamboat Springs with your pit in tow, you’re in luck – the town currently has no breed specific legislation (BSL) on pitbulls and other fighting breeds.

There’s also a new state law that bans animal abusers from owning or caring for animals for a three- to five-year period following the offense. Abusers can also be mandated by a judge to take anger management classes or get mental health treatment.


When choosing a home, make sure that your pets will have enough space to roam. Find a home with an open floor plan or an expansive yard so that they can move freely.

When deciding how big your new home should be, consider the size of your pets. Larger breeds will naturally require more space, though smaller breeds tend to be more energetic and need space to move about.

In some cases, the amount of space an animal needs can have more to do with temperament than size.

According to Pet MD, the following breeds do well in small spaces like condos and apartments:

  • Dachshund
  • Pug
  • Chihuahua
  • Chow Chow
  • Poodle
  • Shi Tzu
  • Beagle
  • Jack Russell

The aforementioned breeds remain small in size throughout their lives and require little space to roam when indoors. Although they need regular exercise, a quick walk around the neighborhood is often enough to keep them healthy.

Medium to large breeds that do well in smaller spaces include bulldogs and greyhounds, which are content to lounge on a sofa or recliner, although they still require a certain amount of physical activity.


Colorado Mortgage Planner states that 91% of pet owners believe that a fully fenced backyard is the most important feature in a home. Not only will a fenced yard keep your pets from running out the door and straight into traffic, it can also prevent wild or aggressive animals from wandering into the property and possibly harming your furry companions.

Proximity to dog parks and pet-friendly trails and beaches

71% of pet owners consider proximity to pet-friendly amenities as the most important factor when choosing a neighborhood. Luckily, Steamboat Springs has several off-leash dog parks, trails, and play areas.

In some areas of Whistler Park, for example, dogs are allowed to roam without a leash.

Other off-leash dog parks within city limits include Rita Valentine Dog Park and Spring Creek Dog Park.

Upper Blackmer Trail is off-leash year round, while the lower portion of the trail can only accommodate off-leash animals in the winter.

Butcherknife Trail is off-leash during select hours of the day; however, leash restrictions apply during school hours.

Proximity to veterinarians and pet groomers

31% of pet owners prefer to live close to veterinarians and groomers. This allows you to seek medical help for your pets as soon as you possibly can. The good news is the Steamboat Springs is home to several animal care centers, such as:

  • Steamboat Veterinary Hospital
  • Ski Town Animal Hospital
  • Mt. Werner Veterinary
  • Pet Kare Clinic (open 24/7)

Come to Colorado with your pets. King Homes and Land Realty can help you find the pet-friendly properties. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.