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Sell your house fast with these 7 effective tips

Aiming for a speedy sale for your home? Here are seven ways to sell your house fast in Colorado‘s inviting real estate market:

Work with a local real estate expert

When speed is your priority, you can go the “for sale by owner” (FSBO) route or even sell your property to a wholesaler. But these fast transactions come at a price.

Wholesalers, for example, can give you results in a snap, but their rates won’t maximize your earning opportunities based on your home’s value.

If you go FSBO, you’ll need to navigate the entire selling process on your own. If you are not familiar or experienced with the nitty-gritty of selling a home, the meticulous steps and the piles of paperwork may slow you down anyway. You’ll end up a lot more stressed out, too.

Hiring a real estate professional is still the best way to go. An experienced agent will help facilitate a quick and rewarding sale by helping you make informed decisions, keeping you organized and focused, and helping you avoid costly mistakes throughout the process.

Get a temporary storage unit for your belongings

Cleaning up and decluttering are essential steps to prepare your house for viewings. But where should your personal trinkets and décor go?

Quick answer: not your closets. Overstuffing them with containers while you wait for your moving day is going to be a bad look for your home’s storage space. Keep them clear instead by searching for temporary storage units and services in your area.

Address essential repairs and small upgrades

There’s no need to go all-in on renovation projects before selling your home. Major upgrades take time to complete and are harder to recoup. Go for small fixes instead. Fix or replace leaky plumbing, creaky hinges, and cracked tiles or flooring. Be sure to update your light bulbs, too.

These tweaks may be small but they keep every part of your home in excellent working condition. Sometimes that can be all it takes to convince a buyer.

Hire professionals to stage and photograph your property

Catch attention and serious interest from buyers by investing in professional staging and photography. A strong first impression goes a long way, so maximize your home’s potential by having experts capture the best angles and features of your home for the marketing material that you’ll use in your sale.

Price the property right

Setting the right price is key to attracting serious offers for your home. Overpriced listings tend to be ignored and left on listings pages for longer periods.

Work with your agent to review similar properties for sale in your area, as well as recently sold homes in your neighborhood. Combining your findings from this comparative analysis, relevant information on local market trends, and your recent repairs and upgrades will help you arrive at an accurate estimate of your home’s market value.

Know the right time to list your house

Timing is also crucial when selling a home. Trust a savvy real estate agent to guide you with this tricky step. An experienced local agent is familiar with your area’s busiest selling times – from the best month in the year, all the way down to the ideal time of day to make your listing go public.

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