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Your checklist for an organized home renovation

A well-executed renovation project can work wonders. It dramatically improves the experience inside a home – whether to match the requirements and preferences of a new owner or to rejuvenate living spaces for a long-time resident.

Renovations can also boost the value and appeal of a property for sale or turn an idle investment property into a productive, income-generating asset.

The secret behind every successful remodel is being organized every step of the way. The checklist below is an essential tool you can use to carry out your renovation plans as smoothly as possible:

  • Prepare lists
    Yes, the first item on this checklist is to make more lists. Remember: you’re always better off when you put your thoughts and concerns on paper.

    Begin with a carefully thought-out list of essential needs, optional preferences, and things you absolutely do not want to be part of your project.

    You can also make a list distinguishing between small upgrades you can do by yourself and bigger projects that require professional services.

  • Set a budget
    Prepare your budget before looking for contractors or service providers. Don’t jump into a project without first knowing what you need to spend and whether you have the means to afford it.

    Play it safe by budgeting for 10% to 15% more than the actual cost of your project. This will give you enough resources to address unexpected problems – or opportunities – along the way.

  • Research about local building codes and permitting requirements
    Check whether your project is subject to any local code restrictions or permitting requirements. You may need to adjust or change your plans if your ideas violate any local rules. Consulting your real estate agent is a quick and easy way to cover this step.
  • Plot the timeline for the project
    Keep your project time-bound; otherwise you might spend more than you planned for. Draft a rough timeline for the entire process and list key milestones and indicators to help you track your progress.

    As soon as you hire a contractor, review your timeline again and get their professional insights on the most efficient sequence of steps to complete the project.

  • Shop for contractors
    Ask your agent for recommendations for trusted vendor partners in your area. This will make your search less stressful and time-consuming.

    When interviewing contractors, remember to ask about the warranties they offer. Check their official licenses and credentials, as well.

  • Look for temporary storage for your belongings
    If you’re undertaking a major remodel that will involve most of the rooms in your home, plan and budget ahead to secure a reliable temporary storage service for your furniture, appliances, and decorations.
  • Prepare a room where you can stay at while the work is being done
    It’s not just your belongings that will get displaced while remodeling work is being done on your home. Remember to set aside at least one room for you to occupy while the project is ongoing. Equip it with essential day-to-day needs – clothes, toiletries, and prescription medication – as well as a few items for recreation and entertainment.

    If the project is large enough to require a stay at a hotel or other nearby accommodation, be sure to include these expenses in your budget early on.

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